Apply financial benchmarking in practice: A look at three dairy farm comparisons

February 20, 2020

Our report, Farm Profitability: Benchmarking for better decisions, examines the ways in which benchmarks taken from farm financial statements can be used to assess operational and financial performance. To take this one step further, our team examines three example dairy farms, illustrating how these benchmarks work to compare results.

Applying benchmarks to three example dairy farms

Three example dairy farms are examined to help illustrate the usefulness of benchmark comparisons. These examples do not represent any specific farms in our report sample, but fall within the range. Ratios, operating incomes, and earnings before taxes are presented for each farm. For ease of comparison, each farm is set to have 100kg of quota and $900,000 in revenue.

Financial ratios for three example dairy farms

If you'd like to learn more about how to measure performance, diagnose problems, and focus on specific areas of improvement in your dairy operation, our team would be happy to continue the conversation. Please reach out to us here to discuss further.

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