Dealing with payroll gaffes

January 6, 2020

Consider this cautionary tale: A large company sends out T4s with social insurance numbers on the outside of the envelope. The breach is obviously an accident, but the cost in reputation and relationships is serious business.

Payroll gaffes like this one serve as a wake-up call. Mistakes happen, and they can happen to you just as easily as they happen to a large company. A technical glitch on the wrong day of the month could cause you to miss payroll. Or worse, an arithmetic error could unpleasantly surprise employees with miscalculated take-home pay.

BDO can minimize your risk of careless, unnecessary, and costly errors. However, if you experience a payroll gaffe before signing on to our payroll services, here’s some damage control advice.

For more information on how we can help, contact our professional payroll team today.

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