Employee Fraud: A Guide for Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Response

February 17, 2021 BDO CANADA

Employee fraud is a serious issue affecting Canadian organizations of all sizes, in all sectors. The impact of employee fraud is not only devastating financially—it can cause lasting reputational damage that many businesses will be unable to overcome.

Though many companies might operate under the belief that their employees are trustworthy, studies have shown that 80% of employees in a typical organization are capable of committing fraud given the right circumstances.

The best way to help protect your organization is to implement stringent anti-fraud policies and processes. Our employee fraud prevention guide offers guidance on how to:

  • Detect fraud red flags
  • Establish anti-fraud policies and processes
  • React if fraud is discovered

Download your complimentary copy today or contact us for more information at preventfraud@bdo.ca.


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