BDO Canada’s values hit home for the Daoust Sisters

November 23, 2022 BDO CANADA

As far as we know, Kelly, Janice, and Megan Daoust are the first three sisters to all be working for BDO Canada at the same time. All three are on the HR team.

Kelly was the first to experience BDO

Kelly started on the campus recruitment team in 2018. She left in late 2019 to pursue a one-year HR opportunity with a prestigious academic institution. While she was gone, Janice joined BDO Canada’s HR team in talent acquisition.

Then, just before Kelly’s year in education was ending, an opportunity on BDO’s HR Advisor team became available that seemed perfect for Kelly. Janice wasted no time suggesting it to Kelly, who then applied and returned to the firm in 2021.

Reflecting on why she came back to us, Kelly mentioned our culture.

“I had learned so much from mentors and colleagues at BDO Canada, and my leaders always took the time to give me valuable feedback,” she said. Her second time around seems to be mirroring the first.

“I appreciate the coaching I get. It has helped develop my confidence. BDO Canada encourages building relationships and collaborating with colleagues. This creates a very positive work environment. We have fun doing serious work.”

Janice appreciates the flexibility we offer

Our hybrid work-from-home (WFH) approach and generous personal time off policy give Janice more time with her young kids.

“I can arrange my schedule to be there when they get home from school. I can help with homework and watch their sporting events,” she says.

Along with a commitment to a people-first approach, we encourage personal and professional development.

“Outcome is what matters,” says Janice, “not where or when you work. The BDO Canada culture is great that way. They just get it.”

Megan agreed with Janice’s assessment of our culture and added our community focus as another reason to be proud of working with us. She joined the firm in 2022 for the open approach to flexibility and dedication to work-life balance.

“BDO Canada makes me feel good about the impact I make,” says Megan. “I’m proud to work for a firm that puts people first because I do the same thing.”

Some examples of our community involvement include the FCC Drive Away Hunger Campaign we hold every fall and the Women Build days for the Greater Ottawa chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Megan gets inspired by the increase in female leaders

“BDO does a great job of elevating women,” says Megan, “specifically showcasing the strides female leaders have made and continue to make.”

This volume of female success stories isn’t a coincidence. We’ve committed to putting more women in positions to progress professionally. And we let everyone at the firm know who they are and why their accomplishments are noteworthy. Among the many ways we highlight female achievement are the new WISE (Women in Search of Excellence) Awards, created to honour women who are making a significant difference within the firm.

Growing the BDO family

After finding a place that feels like home, Megan, Janice, and Kelly are dedicated to spreading the word beyond themselves and continuing to bring in and nurture the best talent.

For more information about working with BDO Canada or about our student experience programs, please check out our careers page.

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