What the future of financial services looks like; AI-powered, data-driven, and risk-managed

October 18, 2022 BDO CANADA

Today's business environment utilizes data and artificial intelligence (AI) as a matter of course. Many business operations depend upon these processes to work effectively by leveraging AI tools to boost operational efficiency, maximize return on investment (ROI), and make informed business decisions.

The financial services industry has been prominent in utilizing the data at hand and has expanded its business infrastructure with AI tools to address complex challenges in areas such as risk management and revenue generation.

However, ongoing changes in the security and compliance landscape have made it essential for organizations to pay attention when embracing AI and utilizing the data at their disposal. This also comes with a missed opportunity for the industry to make better, ethical, and informed use of the large amount of data it handles each day.

Explore what the future holds for financial organizations and how data, AI, and risk management remain atop the key issues every business should address. In this report, BDO Canada’s leaders have outlined six data trends to keep an eye on.

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