The cloud innovation journey | Project: Securing enterprise cloud infrastructure for data, analytics, and AI in banking

August 31, 2021 BDO CANADA


Recently, one of Canada’s leading banks approached BDO and shared their business growth objectives. They wanted their enterprise cloud-first strategy to increase the agility and scalability for the bank’s technology infrastructure. This project required moving systems, applications, and data processes to a more advanced and secure environment.

Greater insights via integrated analytics, reporting, and AI

Digital adoption of modern infrastructure has enabled the bank to exchange data and run analytics workloads within a secure cloud environment that meets the banks' rigorous standards. The mission was to help the bank’s cloud team plan, design, and implement a secure infrastructure, while providing superior insights using cloud-based data, analytics, and AI.

“Pursuing the bank’s vision to make modern, self-service analytics capabilities available to every line of business required a strong foundation from the start. BDO is pleased to be working alongside the cloud and data teams, enabling these capabilities on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform,” says Mike Gelesz, BDO Consulting’s Industry Leader for Banking & Financial Services in Canada.

BDO’s cloud strategy approach

To drive cloud adoption, the bank’s technology functions must adhere to strong compliance and security standards while still meeting business demands quickly and efficiently. The project execution was successfully completed within desired project timelines using BDO’s five streams for cloud strategy.

Sustainable outcomes

The established cloud adoption model allowed the bank’s business lines to begin a successful migration on premise analytics, ML, and AI workloads to the cloud. The operating model today supports new data management and analytics capabilities—including governance, security, compliance, logging, and monitoring capabilities with the speed and security of the cloud.

“Maturity of the Azure analytics platform made it a solid choice to help secure data in the cloud and deploy enterprise–grade capabilities at scale within a complex, highly-regulated environment,” says Denis Repin, BDO Consulting's Technology Director for Banking.

BDO is proud to help our banking industry clients advance their digital transformation through strategic advice. This includes planning, design and implementation, deep technological skills with an emphasis on managing risks within large-scale modernization programs, while driving sustainable business performance and advancing the technological and economic benefits of modern cloud technology.

We can help your bank execute cloud strategies that support IT flexibility and innovation.

For more information, contact:

Mike Gelesz, National Industry Leader, Banking & Financial Services, Consulting

Rishan Lye, Partner, Advisory Services, Technology


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