Global Risk Landscape 2020 Report: The Integrity Index

October 25, 2020

Businesses worldwide face a combination of threats that are more challenging than anything experienced in modern times.

The coronavirus pandemic's economic fallout, political upheaval, trade wars, fraud, sanctions, and export controls have brewed a perfect storm for misconduct. How well an organization responds in a crisis is a real test of corporate integrity, and in a fast-changing world, integrity is everything.

This is the biggest takeaway from the Global Risk Landscape 2020 Report compiled by our global colleagues who surveyed 500 C-suite executives and senior risk experts globally, across all major industries.

The survey, which ran between February and March 2020, explores a myriad of ethical challenges facing organizations in the lead up to the coronavirus pandemic and examines the links between integrity and risk. The 2020 report, ‘The Integrity Index’ is the result, and we are making it available for you to download here.

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Key Contacts

Pierre Taillefer, Partner, Risk Advisory Services 

Ziad Akkaoui, Partner, Risk Advisory Services 

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