Resume of a fraudster: how to detect fraud in the workplace

March 1, 2022 BDO CANADA

When an employee steals from you, it’s natural to think back and wonder if there was anything you could have done or should have seen. The warning signs of fraud, however, are not always obvious. In many cases, a fraudster will display the same characteristics as a top-performing employee.

This ‘resume of a fraudster’ illustrates red flags that may have existed even at the screening stage—which could help you avoid hiring a potential fraudster or recognize one in your current workforce. Keep in mind that any one red flag is not necessarily proof of anything. Look for multiple flags or anything that would indicate a pattern, and do your due diligence.

Click on each of the red flags to learn more.

How can you protect your business from fraudsters?

The best way to fight against fraud is with a strong prevention and risk mitigation strategy. We can help you take a proactive approach by assessing any weak points in your organization, and designing and implementing anti-fraud controls.

When fraud does occur, our forensics team can collect and preserve evidence for civil or criminal proceedings, and provide expert witness testimony at said proceedings.

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Alan Mak, Partner, National Forensics Practice Leader

Chetan Sehgal, Partner, Forensic Disputes & Investigations

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