White paper – A cybersecurity modern approach

May 12, 2022 BDO CANADA

Businesses face a number of obstacles to optimizing their security, especially as technologies continue to advance. Fortunately, the same technologies that are enabling digital acceleration are now set to help unlock new levels of cyber resilience, helping organizations gain confidence and optimize their technology and talent investments.

This white paper explores the major challenges and burdens that organizations face in combating cyber risks and provides a positive outlook on how emerging technologies usher in a new era for security by lightening burdens, lowering costs, and reducing complexities.

Explore the possibilities and benefits through a modern lens onto cybersecurity and learn how to capitalize on today’s technologies to enable a robust security status.

This piece was originally developed by BDO USA. All rights reserved.


Key contacts

Rocco Galletto, Partner and National Cybersecurity Leader

Rob Philpotts, Director and Lead, Cyber Threat Management and Response

Brad Ellison, Managing Director, Managed Services Group, BDO US

Steve Combs, Director, Infrastructure Solutions Group, BDO US

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