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[Report] Restoring Canada's advantage: the need for tax reform

June 29, 2018

U.S. tax reform has created an uneven playing field for Canadian manufacturers. Gone are the days of corporate tax rates that were lower at home. These rates helped offset the higher non-tax costs of the Canadian market. After tax reform, Canadian manufacturers face U.S. competition without the benefit of a key competitive tool. All this comes at a time when many manufacturing growth indicators in Canada have stalled — behind both the U.S. and key European nations.

This report urges the Canadian government to respond to U.S. reform with a built-in-Canada solution to support economic growth. Produced by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, the report is cosponsored by BDO and builds on survey responses from Canadian business leaders.

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Why Canadian business needs a lower combined corporate tax rate
  • Why tax competitiveness spurs capital investment and economic growth
  • Why the time has come for a wholesale review of Canada’s tax system
  • Why 5 common arguments against corporate tax cuts are misleading

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